Night and Day at MNET Countdown

Mnet Countdown performance.  This is one of the best performances of this song.  The consistency of voice power, the feelings and depth of Wheesung’s emotion — flawless performance!

The smile at the end of the performance is a bonus.  Love you Wheesung!


Triple Treat at MBC Show Champion

In the recent Show Champion of MBC, Wheesung was like doing a mini concert.   Singing three songs from his current album ‘The Best Man’, he just showcased his versatility as a performer.  It was indeed a triple treat for the fans.  He sang  너라는 명작 first and followed by an energetic performance of The Best Man.  I like how he gets a little bouncy singing the upbeat song The Best Man.

Ending the performance with another powerful rendition of Night and Day.  Wheesung owned the stage!  Btw, i love how he enunciate some of the English lyrics like ‘hours’ and ‘knight’ you could clearly hear sound of r and t 🙂

Wheesung is My Knight!

Wheesung has always been my Knight in the K-Pop music world.  This is the first live performance I saw online, MBC Music Core.  He is looking so good.  I guess he gained a little weight and it was perfectly fine.  The song is even better when performed live.  Wheesung truly never disappoint.

After his military, I guess his voice just became even better, he sounded more at ease and his voice has more power.  Hooray for good performance from Wheesung!

Note: I don’t own the video.

A Return Worth Waiting For

My last post on this blog is December 2011 and some people might who visits this site may have thought i have forgotten about Wheesung.  In my heart he is still my favorite Korean singer.  I still play his songs and his songs are a mainstays in my playlist despite changing handset for so many times.

The feeling i have right now is reminiscent of the first time I have heard of Wheesung.  He truly touched my heart with his songs and now that he returned to the music scene my heart is filled with joy.  After hearing the songs and watching the MV of his title track 나잇앤데이 (Night and Day), I am overwhelmed.  The song is a gift to fans like me.

Although Wheesung is in the MV it’s refreshing to see two artists from an idol group playing the lead role in the video.  This song is perfect for his comeback.  I miss Wheesung so much that listening to this song brought butterflies in my stomach.  Regardless of what the others would be thinking I will definitely be biased — I like the beat, I like this song.  Wheesung never fails to give life to songs that he sings.

Someone shared the songs in Youtube for streaming and OMG, everything sounds so fresh.  Right now 네 옆에 누워 (I Lie Next to You) is also a big favorite.   Below is the line up of the songs in the album.  You can listen to the songs from this channel in You Tube.

01. Best Man
02. 노래가 좋아
03. Night And Day
04. 네 옆에 누워
05. 너라는 명작 (2014 Remastered Ver.)
06. 모르고 싶다
07. 돈 벌어야 돼

Each song in the album has its own charm and like the 5th album I can listen to all the songs over and over.  As it has varying melodies, I a completely hooked to it.   I wish this album was released when i was in Seoul a month ago, then I could have bought it there.  Now I need to get hold of this album.

Wheesung congratulations on your comeback, waiting for you for over 2 years was worth it.  Thank you for the gift of good music, i feel inspired listening to your songs.  I wish for the success of this album. I’ll listen to each songs and will post a review on this album soon 🙂

Please Vote For Wheesung!

Although Wheesung is in military service right now, he is still being nominated in music festivals and awards.  The allkpop site on kpop is running a poll right now for the 2011 allkpop music awards 2011.  He may not be on the top 2 list but still he is included in the nominees.  Please vote for Wheesung =)

Best Male Solo Artist

Happy New Year everyone!  Wheesung stay warm and healthy!

Last Stage Before Military Entry

I read from Wheesungland that this will be his final stage before he enter the military.  Although I know this time will come, it’s still hard that there will be no Wheesung for 2 years.  I think all of his fans and that includes me will terribly miss him.  Right after watching the video, i felt sad same sadness when I visited PNJenny’s during my first visit in Korea.  That time while I was leaving his management office without seeing him I was so sad that I had to eat at the nearest restaurant.

Wheesung I am proud that you are fulfilling your military duties soon.  Oh my on a gloomy Friday like this, i felt even more sad knowing he will be out of the music scene for 2 years.  Be strong Wheesung! 화이팅!

UUU and Here They Come Live at MNET

This song may sound so pop but i like it’s vibe.  It’s one of the songs that I would like to hear him sing live.  I also happen to like the Oh Lonely song.

This is so far the best comeback stage, because he sang 2 songs =)